Positech Energy is focused on developing mid-scale (1-2MW) solar power and energy storage installations in the UK. For more information please contact cliff harris at cliff@positechenergy.com
Why Solar?
Solar has many advantages for a company like ours. Planning permission in the UK is easier for solar farms than wind farms, and the economics enable small scale solar, whereas tidal, wind and geothermal all require huge investment and can be uneconomic at the level we wish to operate. Solar is also largely maintenance free, and as of 2021, entirely subsidy free in the UK. It also operates in a truly free market, unlike government backed and subsidised energy such as nuclear power.
Why Storage?
As the UK develops more renewable energy, and also shifts from the internal combustion engine to Electric Vehicles, the load on the national grid will become more and more volatile. Grid-scale storage is one way to ensure a renewable grid can work, by smoothing out the peaks and troughs in demand and supply caused by the intermittancy of wind, solar and tidal energy. Grid storage is a small but rapidly expanding part of the UK energy sector.
About Positech Energy
Positech Energy was formed in march 2021 as a UK limited company aiming to develop solar energy in the UK. The company is owned and run by Cliff Harris, a long-time environmentalist who also created and runs Positech Games, an independent video game developer based in the southwest of England.
First Project
We are currently at the planning stage for our first site, which we aim to be a combination of ground mount solar and energy storage. This website will be updated when we have obtained planning permission and have a timescale for installation.